What Is An Antigravity Car Battery And How Long Do They Last?

What Is An Antigravity Car Battery And How Long Do They Last?

There are many kinds of automobile batteries. The maximum not unusualplace are moist cell (lead-acid) and valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries. According to the car weblog RepairSmith, the previous calls for common topping up with distilled water, even as the latter is a sealed, maintenance-unfastened battery that doesn`t want electrolyte refilling. Also famous are AGM or Absorbent Glass Mat batteries that remaining longer than a lead-acid or VRLA battery. AGM batteries have progressive fiberglass separators or "glass mats" that soak up the electrolytes like a sponge. AGM batteries can recharge as much as 5 instances quicker and remaining 3 instances longer, however they value greater than traditional vehiclemobile batteries.

You can also additionally have additionally heard approximately Antigravity automobile batteries and their many benefits. Antigravity Batteries is a Los Angeles-primarily based totally employer that focuses on lithium-ion automobile batteries for cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, tractors, and any system requiring 6-Volt, 12-Volt, or 16-Volt electricity to operate. Antigravity batteries are most of the smallest, lightest, and maximum amazing automobile batteries that provide up to 2 instances the cranking electricity of a fashionable lead-acid battery even as weighing as much as 80% much less.

Antigravity Batteries use lithium-ion technology

The state-of-the-art and finest amongst automobile batteries is the equal kind you will commonly discover on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or electric powered automobile. An Antigravity battery is a lithium-ion 12-volt automobile battery that capabilities the brand's proprietary RE-START (RS) technology, making it the world's first automobile battery with integrated bounce-beginning capabilities. You study that right: in contrast to lead-acid or VRLA batteries, Antigravity has a wi-fi bounce starter courtesy of a brand new battery control device or BMS. It's basically a circuit board that stops the battery from functioning outdoor its most secure range, basically shielding the lithium battery from immoderate discharging. The device will placed the battery in Sleep mode like a computer whilst the device detects strange drainage, like while you overlook to show off the headlights or indoors lighting fixtures after parking your automobile for the night.

It additionally manner that the battery will in no way run out of electricity to begin your automobile. An Antigravity battery robotically shops greater than sufficient cranking electricity to begin the engine after extended storage, even with out connecting to a charger.

Antigravity battery RE-START device: How does it work?

When you want to jumpstart or price a traditional lead-acid battery, you have to get out of the automobile, improve the hood, join a transportable bounce starter or jumper cables, and pray that a pleasant stranger or acquaintance drives through to offer you a bounce. You do not want to do the ones matters in case your automobile has an Antigravity battery. Every Antigravity battery with RE-START comes with  key fobs. When the lithium battery is in Sleep mode, urgent a button at the keyfob will wake the battery. After urgent the button, begin the engine, and that is it. You can bounce-begin the engine the use of the important thing fob even as sitting internal your automobile with out touching the battery or calling for assistance.

In a few contemporary-day special cars or sports activities cars, having a useless battery manner no get admission to to access points (just like the hood or trunk). The BMS device in Antigravity Batteries prevents the lithium battery from excessively discharging. It continually has reserve electricity that you may unharness through waking it up with the click of a button.

How lengthy do Antigravity batteries remaining?

Your normal lead-acid or VRLA battery might in all likelihood remaining  years or greater, even as an AGM battery has a 3 to 5-12 months lifespan. But with Antigravity Batteries' nifty battery control device (BMS), you may anticipate lithium-ion automobile batteries to remaining for 8 to ten years. There are many professionals to thinking about an Antigravity lithium-ion battery to your automobile, however one downside is really well worth thinking about.

On the fantastic side, lithium-ion automobile batteries have nearly two times the cranking electricity for convenient engine starts. Antigravity's batteries additionally weigh as much as one-0.33 much less than a lead-acid or VRLA battery and are greater compact. Installing a lithium-ion automobile battery calls for no unique equipment or changes and it has an extended shelf lifestyles and lasts as much as 5 instances longer below duress. The RE-START device manner you will in no way need to cope with a useless battery once more and Antigravity Batteries are to be had in all fashionable institution sizes and suit all makes and fashions of cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, tractors, etc.

The huge downside? You guessed it: value. An Antigravity battery may want to begin from $659 to $2,000, making it a sizable funding over a fashionable $250 lead-acid or VRLA battery. Sure, lithium-ion batteries value greater than the maximum pricey AGM batteries, however thinking about the prolonged lifespan and hassle-saving protection capabilities, they may be in all likelihood really well worth the funding withinside the lengthy run.

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