Different Preparations of Fish

Fish is used in a large number of cuisines. Various street foods are prepared with fish as well. Such mouth-watering fish recipes can be easily cooked in homes by going through various food websites.

Fish starters are perfect for serving in various parties. Underneath are some famous fish starters that can definitely blow your mind.

Different Preparations of Fish

·        Fish Kabiraji: Fish Kabiraji is an irresistible fish cutlet that goes with tea. It is a crisp and crunchy type of dish. You may not find the particular recipe anywhere effortlessly except in the Bengal. However, you can make this recipe straight in your home by following its recipe from the Internet source. It is a batter-fried recipe. Sometimes, it is wrapped in the beaten eggs. This fabulous cutlet will surely blow your mind. This amazing dish can be served with kasundi or mustard sauce along with the freshly chopped onion rings.

·        Fish Finger: This is another delicacy of fish starter. Tomato sauce can be accompanied with it. It is popularly served in various occasions. Kids love to taste this snack. It is prepared with the fresh cut of fish (usually in the fillet shapes). They are marinated with fresh spices. They are deep-fried until they turn crispy.

·        Fish Cutlet: It is a very famous fish delicacy, which is perfect for the evening gossips and get-togethers. It is usually served with Ketchup or other Sauce.

·        Now, let us go through some of the famous fish preparations.

·        Doi Mach: This is an incredible recipe straight from the Bengal. Bengali meal is incomplete without having Doi Mach with rice. The famous saying is “Machhe Bhate Bangalee” that means Bengali tradition, culture, and food journey cannot be imagined without fish. It is a mind-satisfying recipe. Whenever you go to Bengal, try this mind-blowing combination of incredible rice and Doi Mach.

·        Sorche Ilish: It is a heavily popular recipe. Hilsa or Ilish is considered as the “King of Fish”. It is cooked with the Mustard gravy. It is an authentic Bengali dish. You can make this classic dish and serve along with the steamed Rice.

·        Machher Jhol: It is a common lunch menu in almost every non-vegetarian Bengali Kitchens. It is a simple recipe and is superbly delicious. Fresh fish is cooked with the mixture of Spices. Its aroma will really mesmerize you.

·        Fish Biryani: It is an incredible fish delicacy. This aromatic preparation is featured with lots of Spices and other ingredients. All of the ingredients have made it a wholesome and complete meal.

·        Fish Kaliya: The particular royal fish preparation is heavily served in Bengali weddings. It is prepared with a particular type of fish, especially with Rohu or Rui fish. Fish Kaliya is rich and fragrant fish curry.

·        Muri Ghonto: Muri Ghonto is a very authentic and popular Bengali preparation that is prepared with the fish head of Katla or Rohu along with the rice. It is one of the signature dishes of the Bengali Cuisine and it is served with plain rice. 

There are various types of other fish preparations available as well. You can design your lunch or dinner menu with different fish preparations.

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